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Legal Agreement Template

Posted on January 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Legal agreements, also known as commercial contracts or commercial agreements are formal documents that bind the persons signatory to it. Legal agreement templates on the other hand mean a format or standard set of documents that can be used for reference purpose and perhaps improvised upon. At Evaluer, one could find different templates of commercial agreements such as, share purchase agreement, shareholder agreement, property related documents like sale deed, gift deed, website and application related documents like terms of use, privacy policy, sale of goods agreement, purchase agreement, human resource and employee related documents like employment agreement and human resource policy manual.

At Evaluer, all our documents, whether agreement templates or custom drafts are prepared and reviewed by lawyers and legal professionals who specialize in drafting. Legal agreement templates available at our site are binding documents that, when signed by parties can be enforced in an appropriate court of law. As a procedure, while legal agreement templates are standard contracts, it is recommended that you call us for a consult on how to execute such documents. This includes stamp duty charges, if applicable, registration fee and the manner in which signatures are to be taken including attestation by a notary public and / or witnesses.

The reason we have a database of legal agreement templates at our site is because we believe there is nothing wrong in shortcuts, especially when you want to save yourself time and money with a legal matter. In some complicated situations, or complex commercial contracts we suggest speaking with our lawyers but there’s a long list of everyday situations when you can use legal document templates to make matters easier for yourself. And that’s why we have such a repository of documents.

As a recommendation, for personal and commercial reasons, it’s always good to have a few legal documents handy. For instance human resource managers may want to keep a formal employee policy manual / handbook and an employment contract template ready for future use. Similarly, a real estate agent may wish to keep a template of a sale purchase agreement with him for future use.

If you’re searching for a particular name of legal document template based on your needs, it’s likely we will have it. If not, you could comply drop us an email or call us for the same. You could let us know if anything on our site is confusing, and if you feel like you need to a lawyer to help with specific needs, we’re always happy to help.