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Local Authority Legal Departments Providing Services To External Bodies

Posted on January 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

For very many years, local authority legal departments were seen as very high status among the different units and departments of the authority, and town clerks held a position of power. One report notes that when their town clerk Sir George Ogden entered the committee room in Leicester, the councillors would all rise to their feet. Sir George would tell them what they had to do and then leave the room, since he was far too important to listen to their discussion.

However, a change began in 1988 with the Local Government Act. This introduced CCT – Compulsory Competitive Tendering – and began with manual services such as grounds maintenance, refuse collection, building cleaning, and so on, until 1993 when it spread to other departments including the legal department. This brought many benefits in the way of efficiency of services and economy, but the reverence in which the legal department was held began to diminish. There became less and less top table corporate legal adviser positions and rather more positions of Head of Legal Services at a lower level. Politicians began to question the relevance of what were now seen as backroom legal bureaucrats which were not fertile voter ground, as opposed to frontline services which were.

For some years, the legal department was tolerated as a necessary but aggravating expense, but now local politicians are expecting the legal department not only to cover their own overheads, but to raise additional cash for the local authority, and there is only one way to do that and that is to sell legal services externally.

One of the ways in which this can be done is via the Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970. This permits a local authority to provide administrative, technical, or professional services to any other local authority or public body specified by ministerial order and charge a fee for doing so if they wish. Many local authorities have used this Act to good extent in order to boost their budgets, and a classic example is Kent County council whose executive Geoff Wild wrote the following in the Law Society Gazette in August 2012:

“Kent County Council Legal Services has built up a thriving external practice based on providing high-quality, low-cost legal services to local authorities and public sector bodies across the country, which now accounts for more than 25% of its overall income and generates 1.5m a year. . . To achieve this, Kent has primarily used the powers contained in section 1 of the Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970 to make agreements and trade with other public bodies for the supply of legal services.”

Nice money if you can get it. However, following the Local Government Act of 2003 and the Localism Act 2011, it is now possible for local authority legal departments to extend the scope of their external activities beyond other local authorities and public bodies into the private sector. However, in order to comply with regulations, this has to be through a company or other corporate medium and in order to achieve this, many authorities have formed an ABS – Alternative Business Structure – which has to be licensed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Obviously, the main business of a local authority legal department should be to provide legal services to its’ employing authority, and traditionally the authority would allocate it an annual budget. However, following CCT, many legal departments changed over to a zero budget and billed the various departments for services as they were provided. Today, even though austerity has officially ended according to the recent Budget, many authorities expect their legal departments to contribute to their coffers.

Many local authority legal departments are now using a local authority legal case management system which can make considerable savings in terms of manpower and increases efficiency. All the files relating to a case are in one place and can be easily accessed by everyone concerned with it rather than chasing around after specific emails or documents. Court bundling and documentation can be done electronically, saving time and costs. Time recording is made simple, and a local authority legal case management system can also allow for digital dictation on the go from a mobile phone or tablet, making even further savings of time and costs.

A Business Can Flourish Easily by Following Appropriate Legal Procedures

Posted on January 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

In every field, and for everyone, whether an individual or a business, paying of tax can be considered as a fact that proves to be hectic and difficult. A business owner may be busy with various works meetings, woks and other activities that are required in a business and may not be capable of going through the process of payment of tax. In such cases, a person may fail to pay the same. But payment of appropriate amount of tax in correct time is indeed necessary. This assists in smooth running of the business without any kind of hamper or damage in the reputation of the same.

Therefore, a business can easily take the assistance of professionals who can guide the business owner and take care about the payment of the taxes as well as its refund in the correct fashion. With the help of a professional a business owner needs not to worry about anything in anyway. The experts of accounting and business services Queensland, provides perfect assistance to any business irrespective of size in correct fashion.

Every business wants to have perfect individual hired for an organization so that they can keep a check on the financial factors of the business. An individual or an entrepreneur is free to take the assistance of such experts so that they can perform every activity in correct fashion without facing any kind of problem. At times, an individual also may be in need of such assistance so that one can invest one’s hard earned money in correct fashion without going through any kind of loss.

The professionals also assist in solving the hassles of various non profit organizations as well. They take care of the financial issues and factors that are related with the same. By taking the help of the experts an individual can be free of any kind of difficulty that is related with legal factors. By taking assistance from such type of companies, an individual or a company can avoid various legal issues as well.

The experts of accounting and business services Queensland, allows a business to operate in correct fashion without having any legal issues with anyone in any way. An individual is free to take the assistance of such professionals so that they can get the best desired result for oneself without getting involved in any king of legal or complex matters. People also avoid paying taxes as there are lot of complex matters that are involved in the same, but they are not aware that excluding the same may lead one to various difficulties. Taking assistance from experts can provide them with good and appropriate advice that will indeed prove to be beneficial for one and all. This also allows them to stay safe and protected from various legal factors as well. The various factors that are involved in the same are also taken care in perfect way as well. There are many things that a business owner or an individual needs to think when one is dealing with currency. Therefore, experts help to tackle various things in proper way without any legal problems.

Legal Agreement Template

Posted on January 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Legal agreements, also known as commercial contracts or commercial agreements are formal documents that bind the persons signatory to it. Legal agreement templates on the other hand mean a format or standard set of documents that can be used for reference purpose and perhaps improvised upon. At Evaluer, one could find different templates of commercial agreements such as, share purchase agreement, shareholder agreement, property related documents like sale deed, gift deed, website and application related documents like terms of use, privacy policy, sale of goods agreement, purchase agreement, human resource and employee related documents like employment agreement and human resource policy manual.

At Evaluer, all our documents, whether agreement templates or custom drafts are prepared and reviewed by lawyers and legal professionals who specialize in drafting. Legal agreement templates available at our site are binding documents that, when signed by parties can be enforced in an appropriate court of law. As a procedure, while legal agreement templates are standard contracts, it is recommended that you call us for a consult on how to execute such documents. This includes stamp duty charges, if applicable, registration fee and the manner in which signatures are to be taken including attestation by a notary public and / or witnesses.

The reason we have a database of legal agreement templates at our site is because we believe there is nothing wrong in shortcuts, especially when you want to save yourself time and money with a legal matter. In some complicated situations, or complex commercial contracts we suggest speaking with our lawyers but there’s a long list of everyday situations when you can use legal document templates to make matters easier for yourself. And that’s why we have such a repository of documents.

As a recommendation, for personal and commercial reasons, it’s always good to have a few legal documents handy. For instance human resource managers may want to keep a formal employee policy manual / handbook and an employment contract template ready for future use. Similarly, a real estate agent may wish to keep a template of a sale purchase agreement with him for future use.

If you’re searching for a particular name of legal document template based on your needs, it’s likely we will have it. If not, you could comply drop us an email or call us for the same. You could let us know if anything on our site is confusing, and if you feel like you need to a lawyer to help with specific needs, we’re always happy to help.